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There's Something About "Charlie's Angels"

Here's the scoop on the sequel to the first Charlie's Angels movie that I got from E!Online:

The Charlie's Angels recruitment drive appears to have snagged another A-list name.

Cameron Diaz is thisclose to joining Drew Barrymore for the planned big-screen version of the little-screen demi-classic, today's Hollywood trade papers say.

Diaz, who achieved breakout-star status last year in the hit comedy There's Something About Mary, will be trying out her new asking price on producers: a reported $12 million.

The actress is said to have been considering the job offer "for weeks"--or, approximately a hundred times longer than anyone has ever before considered the relative merits of Charlie's Angels.

Barrymore's name was first linked to the project in February. She'll also reportedly participate as a producer.

Meanwhile, the net is widening for the third and final Angel. Rumored candidates include: Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler, Jada Pinkett Smith and Grammy-winner Lauryn Hill.

"We're including Drew and Cameron in the conversations about who should be the third woman because what's most important is that these three women look like friends, and hopefully be friends," Leonard Goldberg tells Variety.

Goldberg and Aaron Spelling executive-produced the original 1976-81 series, which focused on a trio of female private-detectives who worked for a mysterious boss name of Charlie and stopped at nothing to solve a case--even if, darn it, it meant going undercover as a go-go dancer. Again.

Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith comprised TV's original Angel lineup. Jackson was Sabrina (the Smart One); Fawcett was Jill (the Blonde One); Smith was Kelly (the Nice One).

No word yet on how the roles will be divvied up in the movie.

I wish Lucy Liu would be in the movie again, as she and Cameron were my favorites. Ah well. :(
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